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Intl kSafe by Kitchen Safe

Highly Recommended Tools for Selling Online – Part 2

 by  Zonex Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

This is a continuation from a previous blog post that covers helpful online tools and services we use at Kitchen Safe. Here are a few more great services we use:

1) oDesk – oDesk is an online community of freelancers from all over the world. Whether you’re looking for designers, engineers, web developers, customer service reps, or more, you can find them on oDesk.

Simply start by posting your project and budget – then freelancers will start applying for the job. You can review their previous work history and organize interviews to identify the best candidate. There are tons of talented freelancers in the community, and oDesk does a great job providing a reliable and secure platform. We love oDesk because it’s easy to set up, doesn't require a long-term commitment, and is a much cheaper option when compared to hiring full time employees or a firm. It may require a bit more detail and hand holding, but we’ve always found that it’s worth the savings.

2) MailChimp – MailChimp is an emailing list platform. It’s super organized and easy to use. It is great for creating beautiful custom emails and it provides helpful data analytics after every email ‘campaign’. Overall, it’s a very clean and powerful tool and using MailChimp has been nothing short of a great experience. P.S. remember to always email responsibly, everyone hates feeling like they’re being spammed.

3) FBA – FBA stands for "Fulfillment by Amazon". Many people don’t realize that even if they’re not selling their product on Amazon, they can still use Amazon’s fulfillment services. Amazon delivers Kitchen Safes to our customers in the USA, Canada, and the E.U. We evaluated several different shipping/fulfillment companies and nobody could beat Amazon’s pricing and service. I’ll admit, it required quite a bit of work to get everything setup, but now that it is, we can literally ship hundreds of orders with the click of a button. This is helpful for a fast growing company.

FYI, we learned a valuable lesson about restocking inventory during holiday. Amazon warehouses are so busy that it can take weeks for them to receive and process new inventory. I suspect every warehouse has this issue – so best to get holiday inventory delivered by October. Overall, we’re very happy with the service.

I hope this was helpful, more to come soon!

Feel free to ask any questions using the comment box below.

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