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check out what people are saying

Kitchen Safe on Shark Tank

Watch us jump into ABC's Shark Tank and see who takes a bite out of Kitchen Safe!

Save You from Yourself

“...the Kitchen Safe is brilliant. This locking cookie jar has a timer to save you from yourself.”

Use Tech to Take Back Family Quality Time

“It's actually quite brilliant in its simplicity. All you do is put your cell phones or gaming devices inside (laptops and iPads don’t fit into the medium-sized one that I’ve tried), set the timer, close the lid and you are locked out until the timer reaches zero. There’s no breaking-in or cheating, which actually makes it so much easier to avoid the temptation of “just checking that one last email.”

TODAY's Take: What are your food temptations?

Willie Geist, Al Roker and Natalie Morales check out a new product called the Kitchen Safe that puts a time-lock on treats you may not be able to stop craving.

Lock Your Temptations Away in Kitchen Safe

It curbs more than food cravings.. It’s also useful for credit card safekeeping or smartphone collection during dinner time.”

This Kitchen Gadget Locks Your Cookies Away

“Kitchen Safe enables us to reserve willpower for the moments when we really need it.”

The 7 Most Improbable Kickstarter Success Stories

“...the Kitchen Safe offers a realistic solution to your unhealthy dietary habits.”

DIY Network - I Want That!

“Self control isn't easy, but the Kitchen Safe is.”

Daily Delight: The Kitchen Safe

"What do weight watchers, smokers, compulsive shoppers and disciplinarians have in common? They could all make great use of the kitchen safe. Just put an item in the safe, and set the timer. No one (not even you!) can get in until the time reaches zero. You can even showcase gifts inside to heighten anticipation for the receiver. What a great idea!"

Locked Out

“A new gadget picks up where willpower leaves off. The Kitchen Safe has a lockable lid that keeps you from over-snacking."

The Kitchen Safe

" your kitchen with the handy new gadget that allows you to lock food out of your reach."

Biscuit-mad designer creates cookie jar with a TIME LOCK to stop you giving in to temptation

"A chocolate-mad designer from San Francisco has invented a clever contraption to stop weak-willed dieters dipping into the biscuits and crisps."

Studio 5 – The Kitchen Safe

You could have some fun with this!

Lock Yourself Out On Purpose

Yup, our fave new gadget is helping us flex our willpower and control those crazy cravings! The Kitchen Safe is a new Kickstarter project and the world's first container with a time-based lock to hide your junk food and other temptations. Have a habit of buying Oreos in bulk and devouring them in a week? Just lock 'em in your safe for anywhere from one minute to 10 days!”

Kitchen Safe

“Reader Jessica posted this to my Facebook page, and I thought it was pretty brilliant! At first, I saw it and laughed, thinking it was a joke. It looked like something off of a late-night infomercial! But then I checked out the Kickstarter page for it, I started thinking about how helpful it would actually be…”

Gain Some Self Control With The Kitchen Safe

The great thing about the Kitchen Safe is that you can use it to store and keep away practically anything. Stash away toys from your kids, snacks from family members (or yourself) and anything else you know that you shouldn't have.”

The Kitchen Safe is a Timed Lock Box That Stores Unhealthy Snacks

This genius snack jar is called The Kitchen Safe and is essentially a lock box for sugary snacks. This clever cookie concealing creation prevents kids from sneaking cookies when parents aren’t looking. You might say it’s helping fight childhood obesity (and preventing adults from ruining their diets as well).”

Kitchen Safe Uses Time Lock to Restrict Access To Tempting Foods

“Having a hard time disciplining yourself in the kitchen? We can relate. It’s not that easy to resist the temptation of that “one last cookie” or “just one more tiny piece of chocolate,” after all. The Kitchen Safe is a gadget intent on holding you to your saner decisions.

Kitchen Safe: Putting Your Cravings on Lockdown!

“Simply place an item inside the Kitchen Safe, close the lid, and set the timer. Then press that button and you're locked out until the thing hits zero! The creator notes that it was designed for food, but can be used for all sorts of addicting things … iPhones, TV remotes, homemade peanut brittle, you name it.

#MafiaApproved: Kitchen Safe

“Can't keep your kids hands out of the cookie jar? No need to worry now. The Kitchen Safe on Kickstarter is a simple and effective product that locks food, toys, and other items you want but should not have. Close the lid, set the timer, and forget about the cookies in the back of your head. This is a great product for your own will power or for the family that keeps snacking before dinner time.

Can the Kitchen Safe Build Character?

“Made for people with enough will power to lock items like snacks or candy away but not enough to keep themselves from reaching for it in a pinch, this invention seems tailor made to the problems of most dieters: they want to lose weight or eat better but struggle with the follow through. For parents, this invention would be the best thing since hiding cookies on that unreachable top shelf.”

How to Harness Short-Term Will Power

“Afraid of your kids (or you) sneaking cookies after dark when the midnight munchies strike? Set the time so it's sealed while everyone should be sleeping. Do you have issues with eating cake for breakfast (my family has been known to eat a slice of cake for breakfast in the past)? Or are you just worried you'll ruin your dinner by snacking after work in the afternoon? Then set the time to wait until after dinner! …I, for one, would really love to see this invention come to fruition.