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Frequently asked questions


Why do I need the kSafe?

Short Answer – Because it’s really cool! And, it’s been scientifically proven to increase your chances of reaching your goals.

Long Answer - The kSafe was developed based on research published by scientists at MIT, Harvard, Stanford, Princeton, and Yale. They discovered that pre-commitment can significantly increase our chances of achieving our goals. Pre-commitment is the notion of committing to a smart choice now, when you know you’ll be tempted by a bad choice later. We’ve taken years of inter-temporal and willpower research and reimagined it into a fun and effective product that helps people reach their goals. If you’re interested in this stuff, here is a great TED talk on the subject.

How does the kSafe work?

The kSafe is fun and easy to use:

  1. Place an item in the kSafe
  2. Rotate the button to set the timer
  3. Press the button to activate the lock

Once locked, the Kitchen Safe will not unlock until the timer reaches zero.

Do you have a user guide?

Yes! And it's filled with lots of useful information, check it out by clicking here.

How big is the kSafe?

There are 3 sizes. Click on "Shop" at the top and then click on "Click to comparison sizes" to see a chart that compares sizes. If your item doesn't fit in the kSafe, we recommend you lock it up with a key and put the key in the kSafe!

Are there any built in overrides?

No. The kSafe was designed to only unlock once the timer reaches zero. No cheating!

How long can I lock the kSafe?

The kSafe can be locked for as short as one minute or as long as ten days.

Will my kSafe lid fit on a kSafe XL or Mini base?

Yes! They use the exact same lid.

What can I store in the kSafe?

Almost anything! The kSafe is designed for safely storing food and many other items.

Can I put the kSafe in the freezer or refrigerator?

The kSafe is not designed for use in a freezer or refrigerator. Humidity from the refrigerator and freezer can damage the electronics and will void the warranty.

However, there is a solution. We recommend you buy a key locking box or banker bag and then place the key in the kSafe. Searching Amazon for "key locking box or bag" will provide some solutions.

Can the kSafe be broken into?

The kSafe was designed to be a deterrent, not an industrial safe. It is made of plastic and can be broken with force. If you drop, attempt to break in, or put force on the lid it can break the base or lid and will void the warranty. If temptation is too strong, break the base (it will crack) as you can buy a replacement base at a fraction of the cost of a full unit. Hopefully the thought of having to buy a replacement base will keep the temptation at bay.

How should I wash the kSafe?

The lid houses electronics so it is is best to wash the Kitchen Safe carefully by hand.

Is the kSafe BPA free?

Yes. The kSafe is safe to store food; it is made of BPA-free food grade plastics, the quality standard of the industry.

Anything I shouldn't use the kSafe for?

The kSafe can be used for most items. However, no time sensitive items such as health critical medicine should be used in the kSafe. There is risk that someone may accidentally set the time longer than intended, that the lid becomes stuck to the base, or that the electronics may fail resulting in the items inside to become inaccessible.


How do I insert the batteries?

Please see the user guide or click here to see how it's done.

What if I accidentally set the wrong time?

Once you press the dial to activate the lock, you have five seconds to cancel. Simply press the dial a second time before the five-second timer reaches zero. This allows you to double check the timer before the lid locks. Once locked, you must wait for the time to expire, or break the base to gain access.

What happens when the kSafe runs out of power when the lid is locked?

If you remove the batteries or they die, the timer will stop counting down. It will stay locked so you can't cheat!  You can replace the batteries with the lid locked to the base ad then it will continue to count down. Email us for help if needed.
- Note: Use only non-rechargeable batteries.
- Duracell, Energizer, Amazon, Panasonic and Ray-O-Vac are recommended


How do I replace the batteries?

The battery door compartment is located on the lid where it says "Kitchen Safe". Press in the middle of the battery door cover; remove the current batteries; insert the new AA USA standard batteries starting with the outside edges first; then replace the battery door. Once the batteries are in, the timer will continue to count down if the Kitchen Safe was locked.

Can I reset the timer by removing the batteries?

Nope! As long as the timer was initially set for more than five minutes, the timer will pause when the batteries are removed. While locked, the kSafe stores the remaining time in memory periodically.

Do I need to turn it off when not in use?

No need to turn it off! The LED display uses very little power. Most of the batteries is used by the motor when locking and unlocking. When not in use, simply keep the lid set at 0 to avoid accidentally locking something up. If you plan to not use the kSafe for more than a month, we recommend you remove the batteries.

My kSafe didn't lock or unlock, what do I do?

Email us at and we will help you resolve the issue.




What are the product specifications?

  • Go to "Shop", then "Click to comparison sizes" to see measurements of the different sizes
  • Timer Duration: 1 minute to 10 days
  • Battery Type: 2 x AA batteries (USA Standard, not rechargeable)
  • Battery Brands: Energizer, Duracell, Amazon, Panasonic or Ray-O-Vac

Will my kSafe lid fit on a XL or mini base?

Yes! They use the exact same lid.

What is the difference between the white and clear base?

The clear version allows you to see what's inside, a nice feature if you are using more than one. It also makes for a very clean look. The white version hides the contents. It helps keep things out of sight, out of mind. It also helps if you want to surprise someone with a gift.

Is the kSafe patented?

The kSafe is has been granted utility patents, design patents, trademarks and copyright.  kSafe has intellectual property in the USA and internationally.


How do I purchase a kSafe?

You can order a kSafe by clicking here.

Can I purchase a replacement base?

Yes! You can order replacement bases by clicking here.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes! Just follow the checkout process carefully and note our international policies clicking here.

What is your return policy?

You can learn more about our return policy by clicking here.