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The Secret Behind How The Kitchen Safe Has Helped 20,000+ People

 by  Zonex Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Research suggests that everyday you wake up with a limited amount of willpower, and every decision you make cuts at your supply. In fact, psychology experts liken willpower to a muscle that can get fatigued from overuse. [1]

Avoiding and fighting temptations is one of the fastest ways to deplete your willpower, and if you exhaust your supply, you being to exhibit something called 'decision fatigue'. Decision fatigue causes you to make bad choices, and this well studied phenomenon is often what derails you from your goals and ambitions.

But it gets worse, decision fatigue impacts ALL of your choices, not just ones related to your goals; this means the willpower you wasted not buying peanut butter, can negatively effect your performance at work, in school, or at home. 

So, instead of constantly fighting temptations, an ideal and more efficient solution is to responsibly enjoy and build good habits around them. Unfortunately, developing healthy habits around temptations requires a surmountable amount of willpower, much more than your daily supply. Talk about a catch-22... 

The good news is that scientists have already developed a technology to overcome this paradox, it's called a commitment device, and it's been throughly researched and proven effective. Commitment devices work by enabling you to pre-commit to a smart choice early, when you know you’ll be tempted by a bad choice later. 

So, where were these mysterious commitment devices?

And that was the problem, until recently, commitment devices have only existed in highly controlled lab environments. There wasn't anything available to the general public.  

That is, until we released the Kitchen Safe :)

We believe the secret behind the 20,000+ Kitchen Safe success stories is its simplicity.

You don’t have to program a complex software application.

You don’t have to hire a hypnotist to reprogram your mind.

You simply set it and forget it.

Once you set it, thousands of hours psychology and economic research will be working to hone your willpower, without you having to lift a finger.

Renown willpower researcher Roy Baumeister, PhD, describes the three necessary ingredients needed to achieve your goals: clarity, measurement, and willpower. 

1) Clarity - Many people have goals and resolutions, but the problem is that they lack clarity. Right out of the box your Kitchen Safe is ready for use and gives you instant clarity. Rather than saying “I want to cutback on smoking” or “I’m going to eat less junk food”, you physically lock up your temptation and you set a clear time before you can access it again.

2) Measurement - The countdown timer on the Kitchen Safe helps you stay focused on your goals. You can definitively track your progress and milestones with each use, and  you can measurably increase the locking time as your willpower strengthens.

3) Willpower - By increasing the time intervals between milestones, you are exercising your mental willpower muscle and making it stronger. As your willpower strengthens, you increase your ability to achieve long term goals or resolutions. 

The beautiful thing is, once you have learned to efficiently leverage and strengthen your willpower, you can use it to improve many other facets of your life. It is an immensely powerful life skill!    

An investment in the Kitchen Safe is an investment in a proven technology, and more importantly, an investment in a happier and healthier you. 

[1] According to the American Psychological Association, “Is Willpower a Limited Resource?”.

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