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Intl kSafe by Kitchen Safe

Highly Recommended Tools for Selling Online - Part 1

 by  Zonex Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Selling online is becoming easier and easier thanks to the growing number of available tools on the web. Here at Kitchen Safe, we have tested and used dozens of these services and are happy to share our experiences. In order to keep these blogs short, I’ll only discuss a few at a time.

Here are three (of many) tools and services we’ve found incredibly useful:

1) Shopify – Shopify is an e-commerce platform. They provide the secure checkout process on our website and various tools to keep our data organized. Their platform is intuitive, feature rich, and comes with fantastic support. With Shopify, you don’t need any coding experience to launch an online store, so getting started is super fast and easy. 

2) Yotpo – Yotpo is a review system that integrates into your existing online store. It automatically sends review requests to new customers and organizes the responses. Reviews are extremely important for improving your product and customer experience. They also help build confidence in potential customers who are on the fence (assuming the majority of your reviews are positive). Since recently installing Yotpo, we’ve collected almost 200 reviews and our average rating is 4.71 out of 5 stars. So far so good, but that’s not stopping us from trying recapture the missing 0.29 stars.

3) ShipStation – ShipStation is another tool that integrates with Shopify. They help us manage and automate much of the fulfillment process. We have Kitchen Safe inventory in six warehouses around the world; as you can imagine, this can complicate our shipping logistics. When a new purchase comes in, ShipStation automatically selects a warehouse to fulfill the order and forwards the tracking information to the customer. Finally, Shipstation also let’s us quickly and easily check the status of all of our orders (awaiting shipment, delivered, in transit, etc).

I hope this was helpful, more to come soon!

Feel free to ask any questions using the comment box below.

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