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Intl kSafe by Kitchen Safe

How I'm using the Kitchen Safe to get into business school

 by  Zonex Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

I am currently studying for the GMAT to go to grad school; and besides my practice tests, the Kitchen Safe has been the best tool to help maximize my study time.

I used to have a bad habit of keeping the television on, even if I wasn't watching, just to have some background noise. As you can guess, the distraction of whatever was on would eventually take over, and I would end up cutting my study time short to re-watch whatever re-run episode of Seinfeld was on for the hundredth time. Obviously, this was not a great studying environment, so I began putting the TV remote in my Kitchen Safe for a few hours in the evening to force myself to concentrate on my studies. 

Within a couple weeks, not only was I studying more effectively, but I also noticed my constant urge for the television to be on subsided and I found myself engaging in other more productive hobbies like reading and painting. Now, I don’t even need to put my TV remote in my Kitchen Safe every night, which is perfect because I can put my next bad habit on lockdown to help accomplish my next goal.




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