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Why I'm sitting on a toilet with my Kitchen Safe

 by  Zonex Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Yep, that is a photo of me sitting on my toilet with my seemingly empty Kitchen Safe. Why? Because my Kitchen Safe is helping me save money for my bathroom remodel. (You can't see it but my credit card is lying at the bottom of the safe.)

As you might be able to tell, my bathroom is rather unremarkable. It came with "builder basics"...cheap tile, cheap tub and a cheap cabinet. I moved into this apartment two years ago and I've wanted to redo the bathroom since DAY ONE. I want to upgrade the tile, tub and cabinet, add some shelves and new mirrors as well as install a towel rack. All of this of course costs money and I'm sure I'm not the first person on the planet who has had some trouble saving cash...

I live in New York--it’s a fast paced city and I feel the pressure to keep up with it. I find that there's always a really good reason to spend money...whether it's having dinner out with friends or getting drinks at a bar with co-workers or buying clothes I "need" for work...I find it's very easy to justify my spending.

I used to try and save money by stashing it away in an envelope in my nightstand. Inevitably, I would figure out a good reason to take the money out of the envelope and spend it. I think the most I was able to save in my sad little envelope was $400.

So, I was delighted to discover the Kitchen Safe eight months ago. I can always find a good excuse to use my credit card, but taking away the option of using my credit card entirely has been life-changing.

For the past eight months, I've been locking my credit card in my Kitchen Safe. Every 10 days, I re-lock it. (And no, I don't look through the plastic to read the numbers off the card to shop online… okay, okay, maybe I did that once.)

What I like most about the Kitchen Safe aside from the fact that it keeps my credit card physically out of reach is that it’s also a powerful visual reminder—every time I see my credit card in there I remember it’s so that I can have a nicer bathroom one day which keeps me motivated to keep locking away my card week after week.

With the Kitchen Safe's help, I haven't had a credit card bill in eight months and I've been able to save $10,000! I’m SO happy I’ve been able to achieve my goal. I’ll start renovating my bathroom next month and can't wait to share photos of the results!




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